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Central Vacuums

Built-In Central

Vacuums are...

The Easy Way to

Clean Your Home!


Central Vacuums offer many benefits...

• 100% of all picked-up dust, dirt and allergens are removed from your living space - for a cleaner home!

• A good quality built-in vacuum is very easy to use, extremely quiet and is long-lasting!

• You’ll have a lightweight 30’ hose that will allow you to clean every corner of your home, including stairs, bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen and much more!

• Plus get a complete set of attachments that lets you deep-clean carpets, floors, upholstery & more!

• A Built-In Central Vacuum can be installed in new or existing homes

We offer the very best Central

vacuum brands... RICCAR, BEAM, Deco & more!

How does a Central Vacuum work?

A central vacuum unit is placed in the garage, utility room or crawl space. A network of tubing runs from the vacuum to each of the conveniently located inlets inside your home. Just plug in the lightweight hose, switch on the vacuum at the hose handle, you’re ready to clean, it’s that simple!

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Raleigh 1666 North Market Dr.

(919) 878-8530

Touch to Call...

Cary 209 E. Chatham St.

(919) 467-2834

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Triangle's Premier

Vacuum Stores!

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